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A 1​34" Bed Head curling iron.

Bed Head is a line of haircare and nail products distributed by TIGI Linea, a division of Unilever, to distributors and salons worldwide. The United Kingdom-based company, TIGI Linea has been producing the line since the inception of the company. The creators of the line are British stylists Toni & Guy.[1] The cosmetics line was first produced in 2003.[2] A line produced by the company, called Boby by Bed Head, was released and is under a UK patent.[3] Other lines produced by the company are being distributed by the Helen of Troy company as of May 2007.[4] As of July 2007, the product line was chosen to be used by the world-famous Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders.[5] Before starring in the American TV show Passions, Central American actor Adrian Bellani was a spokesperson and model for the products.[6]

In March 2003, the producers of the products and Health Canada issued a notice about counterfeit products being sold in Canada. The recalled products said to contain Enterobacter gergoviae or Burkholderia cepecia, which at most causes infections if applied to the eyes.[7][8] This case, along with others, is one motivation to toughen the intellectual property laws in Canada.[9]

Starting in 2011, Bed Head partnered up with Villy Custom to build custom luxury fashion bikes for their brand to promote it.

Villy Custom Fashion Bicycles for TIGI hair products, Candy Fixation
Villy Custom Fashion Bicycles for TIGI hair products, Candy Fixation


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