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Bed warmer from the Netherlands
Electrical bed warmer (with a shielded electric bulb) in Dharamkot (Himachal Pradesh), India, 1979

A bed warmer was a common household item in countries with cold winters, especially in Europe.[citation needed] It consisted of a metal container, usually fitted with a handle and shaped somewhat like a modern frying pan, with a solid or finely perforated lid. The pan would be filled with river stones preheated from the fireplace and placed under the covers of a bed, to warm it up and/or dry it out before use.[citation needed]

After the invention of rubber, the classical bed warmer was largely supplanted by the hot water bottle, which is still widely used.[citation needed] In the early[1] 20th century, electric blankets and then the electric bed warmer, (containing a lampholder and low wattage light bulb), were invented to fulfill the same need.


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