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Directed by Rafiq Rizvi (also Ghazanvi or Bapu)
Produced by Wazir Ali Rizvi
Starring Rattan Kumar (Nazir Rizvi), Ragni, Santosh Kumar (Syed Musa Raza), Meena Shorey
Music by Fateh Ali Khan
Release date
  • 1957 (1957)
Running time
approx. 3 hours
Country Pakistan
Language Urdu

Bedari, a Pakistani Urdu black and white film, was a classic melodious film of 1957. The film was released on 6 December,1957.[1] in Pakistani cinemas and proved to be one of the greatest hits of 1957. It was one of the most patriotic Pakistani films and its songs are still remembered in 2015.[citation needed]


The music of the film was composed by Fateh Ali Khan. The songs were written by Fayyaz Hashmi, and sung by Munawwar Sultana and Saleem Raza. This film had an identical plot and the songs like Indian film Jagriti (1954), with replacement of some words, and music were taken directly from Jagriti as well. Rattan Kumar (Syed Nazir Ali), who had moved to Pakistan with his family, acted in Bedari also. There was a huge uproar over the plagiarized songs in 1958 and the Indian film 'Jagriti' was eventually banned. A song which was a straight lift of the 'De Di Humein Azaadi' tune. Startlingly, it was titled Aye Quaid-e-Azam Tera Ehsaan. The lines 'De di humein azaadi bina khadag bina dhal/ Sabarmati ke sant tu ne kar diya kamaal' had been changed to 'De di humein azaadi ki duniya huyi hairaan/ Aye Quaid-e-Azam tera ehsaan hai ehsaan'. In other words, a song celebrating the Indian Father of the Nation had been transposed to eulogise his Pakistani counterpart.

  • Aey Qaid-e-Azam, tera ehsan hai ehsan, by Munawwar Sultana
  • Hum laayein hain toofan se kashti nikaal ke, by Saleem Raza
  • Aao Bachho Sair Karain Tum Ko Pakistan Ki, by Saleem Raza
  • Chalo Chalen Maan Sapnon ke Gaon Mein

Highlight of this film was its popular film songs and music.Fateh Ali Khan was the foremost sitar-player at that time in Pakistan and composed the music of this film.His above-listed film songs became run-away super-hits in 1957 in Pakistan.Also this was a debut film of now renowned Pakistani actor Qazi Wajid who,as a teenage student,played a very funny role of a student with a stammer disorder.[2]


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