Bedel Pass

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The Tian Shan Mountains with Lake Issyk-kul visible

Bedel Pass is a mountain pass in the Tian-Shan mountain range between Kyrgyzstan and China's Xinjiang province. It has an elevation of 13,800 feet (4200 m).

Historically, the Bedel Pass served as a Silk Road trade route between China to Central Asia. The pass linked China to Barskon, a settlement on the southern shore of lake Issyk-kul.

During the Urkun incident of 1916, over 100,000 Kyrgyz reportedly died fleeing from Russian forces as they attempted to reach China through the Bedel Pass.

The condition of the pass can be seen at Google Maps - highest reaches of the pass


Coordinates: 41°26′N 78°26′E / 41.433°N 78.433°E / 41.433; 78.433