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Location of Beder, near Aarhus.

Beder is a town with a population of 6,372 (9 January 2014)[1] in Jutland in Denmark. The town is typically referenced as the Beder-Malling area since the towns of Beder and Malling - population 3,538 (2011) - are situated in the same area and are practically one town.

Beder-Malling is located in the southernmost part of Århus Municipality bordering the Kattegat. The area is divided into 2 parishes (postal codes 8330 and 8340) and comprises 7x7 square kilometres with approximately 9000 inhabitants. Both Beder and Malling supports a small train station and in the vicinity of the 2 main towns there are 9 smaller villages. Beder is the 3rd most densely populated area within the municipality (1. Aarhus, 2. Lystrup, 3. Beder).

Beder is home to a division of Aarhus Educational Centre for Agriculture, offering gardening, floristry and forestry and nature technician programmes.


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Coordinates: 56°04′N 10°13′E / 56.067°N 10.217°E / 56.067; 10.217