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Bedeutung is a quarterly magazine of philosophy, current affairs, art and literature published in the UK. The name 'bedeutung' comes from the German word which means 'meaning'.


Bedeutung was started in May 2007.[1] The magazine is published four times a year. It features a number of essays by prominent philosophers, sociologists, authors, public intellectuals, thinkers, artists and curators on a range of topics that are overarched by a general theme that runs through the whole issue. Issue 1 was on the distinction between Nature & Culture. It has been suggested that the magazine should be read in the sequence that it is printed, as its structure gradually moves from abstract philosophical ('Philosophy' section) to more concrete and "journalistic" type of articles ('Current Affairs' section) leading, eventually, to the 'Art' section and closing with the 'Literature' section.

The magazine has (already prior to the publication of the first issue) received a lot of attention from various academic and artistic sections, thanks to its combination of analytical thinking, provocative and controversial positions and its beautiful, elegant design. For example, on the first issue, and as it was announced on the magazine's website already months before the issue was out, the Editorship embraced a skeptical approach to environmentalism, illustrated by, amongst others, the interview with Martin Durkin, producer of The Great Global Warming Swindle. Despite that, however, the approach seems to have been sober enough, not to alienate readers but, instead, to engage them in an open debate.

The issue of the magazine themed "Human & Divine" featured articles by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, LSE political philosopher, John Gray, renowned atheist philosopher, A. C. Grayling, LSE social scientist Nicos Mouzelis, an interview with anti-religion crusader Michel Onfray and features the Austrian actionist artist Hermann Nitsch, British artist Becky Beasley, Miuccia Prada protégé Martino Gamper and Warren Neidich. It also includes a piece by author Sarah Wood. The back cover features an extract by Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben. According to the editorial, the second issue of the magazine sets out to defend the view that our idea of secularism bears significant conceptual resemblances with religious belief, in that it is based in faith, rather than objective knowledge.

The third issue of Bedeutung, themed "Life & Death", was announced on the magazine's website.

Notable contributors, interviewees and artists featured[edit]


  • Alex Stavrakas (Editor-in-Chief and Creative Director)
  • Michael Withey (Editor)
  • Thomas Presskorn (Editor)
  • John Slyce (Art Editor)


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