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Bedford JJL
Bedford JJL.jpg
Body and chassis
Floor typeStep entrance
EngineBedford 330

The Bedford JJL was an innovative but ultimately unsuccessful midibus model built by Bedford. The JJL could have been a success, but was ahead of its time in predicting the boom in the midibus market, as seen by the success of the Dennis Dart.

Only four JJLs were produced, along with a pre-production prototype, starting in 1979.[1] The production vehicles produced were as follows:[2][3]

Chassis number Number plate Bodywork code Seating Built
IRK0JL9008 UKK 335X Marshall 260250 B24F 1981
IRK0JL9009 AVS 903T Marshall 260251 B24F November 1978
IRK0JL9010 EKX 648T Marshall 260252 B24F 1978
IRK0JL9011 HKX 553V Marshall 260253 B24F November 1979

The build date of the first chassis may indicate that this was the prototype that was converted to a production bus, although the bodywork numbers and build dates conflict with those found in.[4][5][6]

Maidstone Borough Council took delivery of the JJLs in 1981/82.[7] UKK 335X and AVS 903T were sold to Brighton Buses, and then to Northern Bus, Sheffield in 1992.[4][5] EKX 648T also went to Brighton, but was scrapped in 1988 after a collision with a tree.[6] HKX 553V was sold to Bournemouth Transport (trading as Yellow Buses) in 1983, and then onto The Goodman Group,[8] where it saw service with Rambler and Goodmans coaches. It is the last JJL in service and has been exhibited at rallies.

In 1985, Bedford considered reviving the JJL.[9][10] Tricentrol of Dunstable produced a short version of Bedford's YMQ chassis, the YMQ/S, ten years after the JJL.


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