Bedford Sentinels

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Bedford Sentinels
ArtistBeverly Pepper
MediumBronze sculpture
LocationStanford, California, United States
Coordinates37°25′42″N 122°09′56″W / 37.42838°N 122.1656°W / 37.42838; -122.1656Coordinates: 37°25′42″N 122°09′56″W / 37.42838°N 122.1656°W / 37.42838; -122.1656

Bedford Sentinels is an art installation consisting of three abstract bronze sculptures by American artist Beverly Pepper, installed at the intersection of Serra and Galvez Streets on the Stanford University campus, in Stanford, California, United States. The sculptures are named after alumni Peter and Kirsten Bedford, who donated the pieces to Stanford.[1]


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