Bedfordshire County Cricket Club

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Bedfordshire County Cricket Club
Bedfordshire County Cricket Club Logo.png
Captain: James Middlebrook
Founded: 1899
Home ground: Various
Manager: Paul Oakins
Minor Counties Championship wins: 2
MCCA Knockout Trophy wins: 1
Official website: Bedfordshire CCC

Bedfordshire County Cricket Club is one of twenty minor county clubs within the domestic cricket structure of England and Wales. It represents the historic county of Bedfordshire.

The team is currently a member of the Minor Counties Championship Eastern Division and plays in the MCCA Knockout Trophy. Bedfordshire played List A matches occasionally from 1967 until 2005 but is not classified as a List A team per se.[1]


  • Minor Counties Championship (2) - 1970, 1972; shared (1) - 2004
  • MCCA Knockout Trophy (1) - 1999

Earliest cricket[edit]

Cricket had probably reached Bedfordshire by the end of the 17th century.

The earliest reference to cricket in the county is a match on Monday 10 August 1741 at Woburn Park between a Bedfordshire XI and a combined Northants and Huntingdonshire XI.[2] Woburn Cricket Club under the leadership of the Duke of Bedford was on the point of becoming a well known club. Incidentally this reference is also the earliest found about cricket in Northamptonshire.

The Woburn Club became prominent in the 1740s and took part in a number of great matches against opponents such as the famous London Cricket Club.

Origin of club[edit]

A county organisation has been traced back to May 1847. The present Bedfordshire CCC was founded on 3 November 1899.[3]

Club history[edit]

A Bedfordshire team competed in the very first Minor Counties Championship in 1895, with six other teams: it finished fourth. The county then missed the next four seasons before the present club rejoined the competition in 1900. It has not missed any seasons since.

Bedfordshire has won the Minor Counties Championship three times, one of them shared. It won outright in 1970 and 1972. Its most recent success was a shared title with Devon in 2004.

Bedfordshire has won the MCCA Knockout Trophy once since its inception in 1983. It won in 1999.

Famous players[edit]

See List of Bedfordshire CCC List A players and Category:Bedfordshire cricketers

The following Bedfordshire cricketers also made an impact on the first-class game:

Rex Alston, who captained the side in 1932, subsequently became famous as a BBC radio commentator on cricket and other sports.


The club have no fixed home, but most of their matches are played in Wardown Park, Luton. Other recently used grounds include:


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