Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes (European Parliament constituency)

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Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes
European Parliament constituency
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Member state United Kingdom
Created 1994
Dissolved 1999
MEPs 1

Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes was a constituency of the European Parliament located in the United Kingdom, electing one Member of the European Parliament by the first-past-the-post electoral system. Created in 1994 from parts of Cambridge and Bedfordshire North and Suffolk, it was abolished in 1999 on the adoption of proportional representation for European elections in the United Kingdom. It was succeeded by the East of England region.


It consisted of the parliamentary constituencies of Luton South, Mid Bedfordshire, Milton Keynes South West, North Bedfordshire, North East Milton Keynes, Luton North and South West Bedfordshire.[1]

Mid Bedfordshire and North Bedfordshire had previously been part of the Cambridge and Bedfordshire North constituency, while Luton North, Luton South, Milton Keynes South West, North East Milton Keynes and South West Bedfordshire had been part of the Bedfordshire South constituency.

The entire area became part of the East of England constituency in 1999.


Election Member Party
part of Cambridge and Bedfordshire North and Bedfordshire South prior to 1994
1994 Eryl McNally Labour
1999 constituency abolished, part of East of England from 1999

Election results[edit]

European Parliament election, 1994: Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes[2][3]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Labour Eryl McNally 94,837 46.6 N/A
Conservative Edwina Currie 61,628 30.3 N/A
Liberal Democrat M Howes 27,994 13.7 N/A
UKIP Alan Sked 7,485 3.7 N/A
Green A H Francis 6,804 3.3 N/A
New Britain A J Howes 3,878 1.9 N/A
Natural Law L R Sheaff 939 0.5 N/A
Majority 3,942 2.2
Labour win (new seat)


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