Bedok Jetty

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Coordinates: 1°18′29″N 103°56′29″E / 1.307928°N 103.94128°E / 1.307928; 103.94128

Bedok Jetty is located in Singapore
Bedok Jetty
Bedok Jetty
Location of Bedok Jetty

Bedok Jetty is the longest fishing jetty (250 m) in Singapore. It is located in Area F of East Coast Park.

It is the most popular jetty for fishing in Singapore, but it is also frequented by cyclists, rollerbladers, joggers or park visitors since it is a part of East Coast Park.


Bedok Jetty was originally built by a local businessman Mr Yap Swee Hong at a cost of $1.5m in 1966. He did this to facilitate the import of scrap metal from the Americans who were engaged in the Vietnam war at the time. Bedok Jetty used to be a base of Singapore Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) for their military exercises before being opened for public. It was also used by the Singapore Army, the Singapore Air Force and the Singapore Navy during Operation Thunderstorm in 1975 to receive the refugees after the surrender of Saigon to the North Vietnamese forces. An SAF Field Hospital was deployed to Bedok Jetty to provide first aid and other essential medical services to all Singapore bound refugee boats fleeing South Vietnam following the Fall of Saigon in 1975.

Bedok Jetty ceased to be a MINDEF base since 2000, although it was shifted northwards towards the Bedok Camp training areas in 2010.


There are shelters (without seats) along the jetty for protection against sun or rain, stone seats (without shelter) for visitors to sit, life buoys are placed in the jetty railings, street lights are switched on at night, public toilets and hawker sitting.


Classification of fishing at Bedok Jetty[edit]

The different types of fishing practiced by anglers in Bedok Jetty are:

Classification of fishes found at Bedok Jetty[edit]

The following fishes can be found around Bedok Jetty:

Other fishes like Grouper, Snapper, Sea Bass (Barramundi), Pufferfish, Scads, LeatherJacket, Sai Toh (Ikan Parang), and octopus can also be found around the jetty. Many schools of small fishes can be seen along the surface of the water around the jetty at high tide. Few Todak (Garfish) can also be seen jumping on the surface during ebb tide.


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