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Bedrock is a British trance and house production duo, featuring John Digweed and Nick Muir. They produced the singles "For What You Dream Of" (1993) (featured in Trainspotting), "Set In Stone" / "Forbidden Zone" (1997), "Heaven Scent" (1999) (featured in the film, Groove) and "Voices" (2000), all of which reached the UK Singles Chart.[1] More recently they have released the "Beautiful Strange EP" (2001), "Emerald" (2002), "Forge" (2003) and "Santiago" (2005).

They have also remixed the work of artists such as Humate, New Order, Way out West, Evolution, Satoshi Tomiie, The Orb and Underworld. In 2003, they composed the soundtrack of the MTV cartoon drama Spider-Man, a miscellaneous program tied in to the 2002 blockbuster film as a promotion.

The song "Beautiful Strange" featured in the film What the Bleep Do We Know!? (2004).


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