Bedroom Eyes (film)

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Bedroom Eyes
Bedroom Eyes FilmPoster.jpeg
Directed byWilliam Fruet
Produced byRobert Lantos
Stephen J. Roth
Written byMichael Alan Eddy
StarringKip Gilman
Barbara Law
Jayne Catling
Christine Cattell
James B. Douglas
Alf Humphreys
Music byPaul Hoffert
John Tucker
CinematographyMiklós Lente
Edited byTony Lower
Distributed byDouble Helix Films
Release date
November 30, 1984
Running time
90 min.

Bedroom Eyes is a 1984 erotic thriller film starring Kip Gilman and Barbara Law and directed by William Fruet.[1]


A young businessman and avid jogger finds a prime voyeurism spot on his nightly route. After some time spying he witnesses a murder instead. He soon becomes involved in a variety of situations stemming from the incident.


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