Bedrooms (film)

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Directed by
Produced by
Written by
Music by The Angel
Cinematography Ben Kufrin
Edited by
Distributed by
Release dates
Running time
85 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Bedrooms is a 2010 drama film directed and written by Youssef Delara. Starring Julie Benz,[1] Moon Bloodgood, Sarah Clarke, Xander Berkeley, Dee Wallace and Barry Bostwick. It premieres August 20, 2010 at the Los Angeles Latino Film Festival 2010.[2]


Bedrooms is about the exploration of relationships between humans, the tough choices we have to face to see them work or need to move on and the complications. Julian and Beth are a married couple at the vital turning point of their young relationship. In another, Anna and Harry are a married couple who are suffering from infidelity, while Sal [a pizza delivery boy] unwittingly becomes the ultimate reason of their conflict. Marnie and Roger are a retired couple who have had a long but unusual relationship together. Janet is a divorced mother of ten-year-old twins who decide to create their own separate spaces in the room they share by building a wall out of all their toys.



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