Bedwell Harbour

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Bedwell Harbour is located in British Columbia
Bedwell Harbour
Bedwell Harbour
Location of Bedwell Harbour in British Columbia

Bedwell Harbour is a settlement on South Pender Island in British Columbia, close to the Canada–US border. Bedwell Harbour is an official port of entry for sailors from the United States.

The Bedwell Harbour Water Aerodrome is located in Bedwell Harbour. Northeast of the settlement lies Skull Islet.

GPS location: 48°44′49″N 123°13′34″W / 48.747°N 123.226°W / 48.747; -123.226


Coordinates: 48°46′36.51″N 123°16′16.46″W / 48.7768083°N 123.2712389°W / 48.7768083; -123.2712389

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