Bee Line Railroad

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This article is about a US rail route in Indiana. For the rail line in Virginia, United States, see B-Line (Norfolk Southern). For the 19th century railroad nicknamed "Bee Line", see Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati and Indianapolis Railway.
Bee Line Railroad
Tab, Indiana - Railroad.png
Locale West central Indiana
Dates of operation 1994–
Track gauge 4 ft 8½ in (1435 mm) (standard gauge)
Length 10 miles
Headquarters Stewart, Indiana

The Bee Line Railroad is a short-line railroad operated by the Kankakee, Beaverville and Southern Railroad, serving agricultural communities in northwestern Warren County and southwestern Benton County in Indiana, USA. It joins the Kankakee, Beaverville and Southern Railroad about two miles east of Ambia in Benton County, from which point it heads south into Warren, passes through the town of Tab and terminates near Stewart.

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