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Bee and Flower is a band founded in New York City in 2000[1] by singer-songwriter, bassist, animator, illustrator, composer and producer Dana Schechter. Dana formed the band while a recording/touring member of Michael Gira's (Swans, Young God Records) band Angels of Light.

Bee and Flower is now based in both Berlin and Brooklyn, NY.

Members featured on Bee and Flower's albums and in the live group include members of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Calexico, Keren Ann, Iggy Pop, Angels of Light, Stephan Eicher, Swans, and Bertrand Burgalat.

Their album What's Mine Is Yours was released in 2003. AllMusic awarded it 4/5, praising Schechter's "sexy yet sophisticated performance" and attention-grabbing voice.[2]

Notable Songs[edit]

"The Bridge" (2009, Lakeshore Records), a compilation track for the official soundtrack for documentary film Scott Walker 30 Century Man, was recorded in Berlin and NYC. Dana met film director Stephen Kijak after working as an animator on the film, and was later invited to contribute a track. The album also features contributors Damon & Naomi, Laurie Anderson, Saint Etienne, Jarboe, and more.

"Last Sight of Land" (tuition music, 2007), recorded in Berlin, explores elements of traditional film scoring orchestration, with an emphasis on strings, choirs, and a giant bass 'section'. This album marked the departure of the core band from NYC to Berlin, from 2004-2008. Guest musicians featured on "Last Sight of Land" include Thomas Wydler, drums (Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds), Toby Dammit, producer/percussion (Swans, Bertrand Burgalat), Peter Von Poehl, guitars (Peter Von Poehl, AS Dragon), and more.

A music video for "I Know Your Name", directed by Josh Graham (Neurosis, Storm Of Light) was released on Neurot's "Various Artists 1 DVD" in 2004.

Bee and Flower collaboratively wrote the original score for the feature film A Good Night To Die;[3] Dana Schechter wrote the score for Dead Dogs Lie. Both films were directed by Craig Singer.

They appeared on This Is Next Year: A Brooklyn-Based Compilation (2001, Arena Rock Recording Co.)[4]


  • 2001 - Dead Dogs Lie, Original Film Score
  • 2003 - A Good Night to Die, Original Film Score
  • 2003 - D.I.Y. Or Die Independent Film / Interview
  • 2003 - What's Mine Is Yours, CD (Neurot)
  • 2004 - Various Artists 1, DVD Music Video (Neurot)
  • 2006 - What's Mine Is Yours, CD/Russia (Soyuz)
  • 2007 - Last Sight of Land, CD (Tuition)
  • 2007 - Dust & Sparks, 7" (Morningrise)
  • 2009 - "The Bridge" - Scott Walker 30 Century Man CD Compilation (Lakeshore)
  • 2011 - Split EP w/ Keiki, 10" (Cheap Satanism Records)
  • 2012 - Suspension (Cheap Satanism Records)


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