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Beechwood Park is a large public park situated in the Beechwood area on the east side of the city of Newport, South Wales.

Beechwood House was built as a private residence by George Fothergill, a former Mayor of Newport. It was designed in a classical style using Bath stone, by architects Habershon, Pite & Fawckner.[1] In 1900 the Beechwood estate was purchased by Newport Corporation and opened as a public park. The Co-operative Congress Souvenir (1908) contains the following description:

This park of twenty-two acres stands on the rising ground on the east side of the river, and lying between Chepstow Road and Christchurch Road. It consists of Beechwood House, with its extensive grounds, formerly the property of the late Mr. Fothergill, tobacco manufacturer of this town. It was acquired by the Corporation for the purpose of a public park at a cost of £11,500 and was thrown open to the public in July 1900. Immediately in front of the house are tennis and bowls courts. The level portion of the upper ranges of the park is used for cricket in summer and football in winter. The balcony round the house has an array of seats under it, so that when seated under the shelter thereof one may enjoy a grand view of the Bristol Channel and distant English coast. There is an entrance from Christchurch Road, as also from Beechwood Road. The park stands 270 feet above sea level.[this quote needs a citation]

Current facilities include two children's play areas, paddling pool (summer only), bowling green and pavilion and tennis courts.

In 2006, work began on the renovation and conversion of Beechwood House to become the Beechwood House Entrepreneurship Centre. [2][3]


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