Beed Cola

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Beed Cola
Brand Beed Cola Glass Bottle 362 ml.jpg
Type Cola
Manufacturer Embotelladora del Oriente S.R.L.[1]
Country of origin Peru
Introduced February 25, 2003[1]
Variants cola, strawberry
Related products Perú Cola, Crush Naranja

Beed Cola is a Peruvian range of soft drinks trademarked on February 25, 2003[1] by Industria Embotelladora del Oriente S.R.L.[1] Beed Cola is produced in Pucallpa, Peru and sold throughout the Ucayali Region.[2] Beed Cola is sold in 362 ml glass bottles. The slogan for Beed Cola is "La Riquisima!" (The Most Delicious!).[1]

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