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Studio album by
GenrePunk rock, comedy rock, cowpunk
ProducerBrian Beattie, Mike Stewart
The Dead Milkmen chronology
Bucky Fellini
Metaphysical Graffiti
Professional ratings
Review scores
AllMusic4/5 stars[2]
Chicago Tribune1.5/4 stars[3]
Robert ChristgauB+[4]
The Encyclopedia of Popular Music3/5 stars[5]
MusicHound Rock: The Essential Album Guide3/5 stars[6]
The Philadelphia Inquirer2/4 stars[7]

Beelzebubba is the fourth studio album by the American satirical punk rock band The Dead Milkmen, released in 1988.[8] It peaked at No. 101 on the Billboard 200.[9] The album contains the band's best-known song, "Punk Rock Girl".[10]

Five tracks from Beelzebubba ("I Walk The Thinnest Line", "Stuart", "Punk Rock Girl", "Smokin' Banana Peels", and "Life Is Shit") are included on the band's 1997 compilation album Death Rides a Pale Cow: The Ultimate Collection.


The album was recorded in Austin, Texas, and was produced by Mike Stewart and Brian "Orchid Breath" Beattie.[6][11] The cover photo is of Rodney Linderman's father, also named Rodney.

In 1989, the Dead Milkmen released the Smokin' Banana Peels EP, which contains remixes of the song "Smokin' Banana Peels". It also contains several previously unreleased songs.[12]

Critical reception[edit]

The Washington Post wrote that "it's 'Punk Rock Girl', the only song that shows some vulnerability amidst all the attitude, that redeems the record."[1] Trouser Press thought that "the Milkmen’s skimpy charms run very thin on Beelzebubba, an album with precisely three assets: a great title, amusing artwork and the catchy but dumb 'Punk Rock Girl'."[12] People wrote: "You won’t find the Dead Milkmen beating any dead horses. They just tickle one and move on to their next victim."[13] The Calgary Herald wrote that the album "rides a sound of manic, minimalist rock that leaves behind such hit-and-run victims as homophobic trailer park residents, bleach boys (people with strange drinking habits) and PBS."[14] The Vancouver Sun called Beelzebubba the band's best album and "a flying drop kick of a disc that pokes savage fun at hippies, frat boys, Bob Hope and homophobes."[15]

In a retrospective article, LA Weekly called the album "a bona fide rock & roll masterpiece" and "nothing short of the White Album of its day."[16]

Track listing[edit]

All tracks are written by the Dead Milkmen.

1."Brat in the Frat"1:06
2."Rc's Mom"2:27
4."I Walk the Thinnest Line"2:11
5."Sri Lanka Sex Hotel"3:41
6."Bad Party"1:53
7."Punk Rock Girl"2:40
8."Bleach Boys"3:49
9."My Many Smells"2:21
10."Smokin' Banana Peels"3:49
11."The Guitar Song"3:31
12."Born to Love Volcanos"3:13
13."Everybody's Got Nice Stuff But Me"2:51
14."I Against Osbourne"1:56
15."Howard Beware"2:30
16."Ringo Buys a Rifle"2:21
17."Life Is Shit"3:19
Total length:45:29


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