Beep (soft drink)

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Beep drink logo.jpg
Type Juice
Manufacturer Farmers Cooperative Dairy now owned by Agropur.
Country of origin Canada[1]
Introduced 1960's[1]
Discontinued 2015
Color orange
The 'revived' Beep carton, 2012.

Beep was a fruit-juice-based drink brand, made by Farmers Cooperative Dairy of Nova Scotia, Canada and distributed in Canadian provinces.

Originally produced in the 1960s, it was discontinued in March 2010;[2] was temporarily revived in 2012 as a seasonal summertime drink;[3] and was discontinued a second time in 2015.[4] Its revival in 2010 featured a vintage carton different from the carton used at the time it was discontinued.

According to the carton, the drink contained water, sugar, fruit juices (orange, apple, apricot, prune, and pineapple), citric acid, orange pulp, natural flavours, sodium citrate, canola oil, modified corn starch, sodium benzoate, caramel colour, annatto, and ascorbic acid.


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