Beer (lunar crater)

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Feuillee crater Beer crater AS15-M-1144.jpg
Apollo 15 Mapping Camera image with Feuillée at left and Beer at right
Coordinates 27°06′N 9°06′W / 27.1°N 9.1°W / 27.1; -9.1Coordinates: 27°06′N 9°06′W / 27.1°N 9.1°W / 27.1; -9.1
Diameter 10 km
Depth 1.7 km
Colongitude 9° at sunrise
Eponym Wilhelm W. Beer
Oblique view from Apollo 15 Panoramic Camera
Lunar dome south of Beer crater

Beer is a relatively small lunar impact crater located on the Mare Imbrium, to the east of the crater Timocharis. Just to the northwest is the matching twin Feuillée.

Beer is a circular, cup-shaped crater with a sharp-edged rim that has not been significantly eroded. The interior has a higher albedo than the surrounding lunar mare, which is usually an indication of a relatively young crater. A string of craterlets arc away from the rim to the southwest, known as Fossa Archimedes.

The mare to the east has a higher albedo than the surrounding surface, and this lighter-hued surface reaches to the base of the Montes Archimedes. To the southeast of Beer is a lunar dome that is of comparable diameter to the crater.

Satellite craters[edit]

By convention these features are identified on lunar maps by placing the letter on the side of the crater midpoint that is closest to Beer.

Beer Latitude Longitude Diameter
A 27.2° N 8.6° W 4 km
B 25.7° N 9.0° W 2 km
E 27.8° N 7.8° W 3 km

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