Beer in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Bosnia and Herzegovina, have several beer brands. They are: Tuzlanski pilsner, Sarajevsko pivo, Nektar, Preminger, Erster. There are several minor breweries in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Most of them were established in 19th century. The largest brewery is Sarajevska Pivara which was established in 1864. Other breweries include Pivara Tuzla (1884), Banjalučka Pivara (1873), as Bihaćka Pivovara (1990), and Hercegovačka pivovara in Mostar (2007)


The main beer in Bosnia and Herzegovina is lager, drunk in over 95% of the cases. Popular brands are:

The idea of a brew pub is relatively new, but the Black Dog Pub in Mostar serves a local microbrew.

Major Breweries[edit]

  • Sarajevo Brewery - Sarajevska pivara
  • Tuzla Brewery - Pivara Tuzla
  • Bihać Brewery - Bihaćka pivovara
  • Banja Luka brewery - Banjalučka pivara
  • Herzegovina brewery - Hercegovačka pivovara

Minor Breweries[edit]

  • Mostar Brewery - OldbridZ craft brewery Mostar (Kreativna mikro pivara OldbridZ)
  • Sarajevo Craft Brewery - Pivara Semizburg
  • Foča Brewery - Raft Brewery


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