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History of beer in Hong Kong dates back to the mid-19th century. Currently the best selling beer is San Miguel, brewed by San Miguel Brewery Hong Kong. San Miguel has been brewed in Sham Tseng since 1948, and later moved to Yuen Long until 2007. The brewery was reopened in 2009.

Carlsberg was also brewed in Tai Po since the 1980s until recently. Blue Girl, a brand owned by the Hong Kong-based trading and distribution company Jebsen & Co., is brewed in South Korea under supervision of Jebsen & Co.

'Hong Kong Beer' was started in 2003 and is the first native Hong Kong brewery and brand. A local craft brewery is Typhoon Brewery[1] on Lantau Island.

Other notable brands include Tsingtao, Corona. Jolly Shandy is also fairly popular among women and youngsters.

International craft beer and microbrews have seen a rise in popularity since 2010, with specialty and premium beer from countries such as Belgium, UK, Australian, USA and Japan being more widely available.[2] This has led to the formation of the Craft Beer Association of Hong Kong, made up of distributors, consumers, retailers, bars & restaurants.

Moreover, due to changes in alcohol licensing legislation implemented in the year 2000,[3] brewing beer at home using small scale equipment and ingredients, commonly referred to as "home brewing", is now permissible in Hong Kong within limits.

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