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The main Obolon brewery plant on Bohatyrska Str. in Kiev

In 2011 Ukrainian beer production grew by 3.3% to 31 mln hl.[1] Basing on the data of the trade balance (production + import - export) the Ukrainian beer market in 2010 grew by 5.5% to 28.3 mln. hl. In value market grew by 18% to 22.4 bln hrn. (or 12% to $2.6 bln).[2]

Leading brewing companies:

This is a list of breweries, beer brands from Ukraine, and beer events in Ukraine.

Avtorske Beer
A glass of Lvivske
Beercans of Obolon

Major breweries and beer brands[edit]

Some of the most renowned Ukrainian beers are Chernihivske, Obolon, Lvivske etc.

Beer events[edit]

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