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Beer yoga is a term coined by Brooke Larson[1] of "Beer Yoga, LLC" in February 2014.[2] Beer yoga or brewery yoga is a form of yoga in which attendees practice yoga at breweries or taprooms, sometimes drinking beer while performing yoga moves.[3] The origin of combining beer and yoga is uncertain but instructors such as Mikki Trowbridge of Yoga + Beer[4] and Melissa Klimo Major of Balance & Brews have been hosting yoga classes at breweries since late 2013. The American business model is widely known for hosting yoga classes at fun, laid-back locations , so that participants may try yoga in a non-intimidating, inexpensive environment. Drinking beer happens after practicing yoga for the majority of American brewery yoga companies. A company started in Germany in 2015, known as "BierYoga"[5] has since become popular in several countries, such as Australia and Thailand.[6] These companies have grown in popularity, as they use the beer bottle during each yoga session. However, some fitness experts have criticized this specific form of beer yoga as a marketing gimmick and call it unhealthy.[7]


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