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Beerenberg Farm
Privately held company
Industry Manufacturing and Retail
Headquarters Hahndorf, South Australia, Australia
Key people
Anthony Paech - Managing Director
Number of employees

Beerenberg Farm is an Australian producer of jams, condiments, sauces and dressings, located in Hahndorf in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia. The company premises are a tourist attraction on the state's food-and-wine trail,[1] and has gained an international reputation due to the use of its portion-sized products in Australian and international airlines and hotels.[2]


Beerenberg Historic Barn

The original farm was founded in 1839 by German migrant Johann Paech, as a dairy farm. When the farm was inherited by descendant Grant Paech and his wife Carol in 1969, they sold the dairy cows and renamed the farm "Beerenberg", meaning Berry on the Hill in German.

The famous Beerenberg Barn that appeared on the original labels was built sometime between 1845 and 1850. The construction is red gum framework put together with mortise and tenon joints secured with wooden pins, in 1990 the barn was classified by the National Trust as Historic. The first Beerenberg strawberries were planted in 1967, followed two years later in 1969 later by the first commercial quantity, planted over half an acre. In the early 1970's the fruit was sold at the Adelaide East End Wholesale Market as well as at the farm shop and the Adelaide Central Market. In the 1970's the first jam was produced and this was originally packed and sold in cream cartons until a glass supply contract was secured.

Anthony Paech the current Managing Director, is the sixth generation of the family, brother Robert Paech is Farm Manager and sister Sally Paech is Marketing Manager. The company operates in a deliberate way as a multi-generational family business[3], with a formal constitution, family council and external Advisory Board Members.

Paech Family of Beerenberg Farm 2016

Beerenberg has received a South Australian Premier's Food Award for its contribution to horticulture and the food industry[4] as well as several other food and business awards.

The Paech family has established The Beerenberg Foundation, to assist with maintaining the historic character of the town of Hahndorf.[5]

International exports and major contracts[edit]

In 1987, Beerenberg pioneered the concept of portion serves (miniature jars) for its premium quality jams and preserves, in order to fulfil a contract with Qantas, Australia's flagship airline, to cater for their first and business class meals.[2]

In 2002, the company exported a first shipment of 40,000 miniature jars of jam to China which were used as part of the Hong Kong-based Dragonair airline's food service.

Beerenberg Minatures
Beerenberg Single Portions

In 1993, small foil packs were launched to meet growing demand from the hotel and tourism markets and this has led to Beerenberg controlling more than 70 per cent of this sector in Australia and large Asian market.

In late 2017, Beerenberg entered the USA market for the first time, with products available in several independent supermarkets in California.

The company is one of the best-known brands in the Asia-Pacific region's hotel industry. Currently portion size jars and foil packs form a large part of Beerenberg's business, with 25 million foil pack portion sizes and 11 million portion size jars made each year. Forty per cent of these stay in Australia.

Beerenberg also contract manufacture and pack their products for third parties.


Beerenberg Jams

The flagship product, Beerenberg Strawberry Jam is made entirely from strawberries grown and picked from the Beerenberg Farm.

Beerenberg Condiments & Sauces

The company also produces a range of over 50 other products including mustards, marmalades, chutneys, sauces and marinades, pickles, dressings, dessert toppings and olive oil all made in small batches, using traditional recipes with no added artificial flavourings, colours or preservatives. In 2007 Beerenberg launched a new product in collaboration with another iconic South Australian family-owned business, Coopers Brewery[6], Beerenberg Coopers Ale Barbeque Sauce. Six months after launch it was the second best selling product in the Beerenberg sauce range.

More recently Beerenberg has expanded their range to include slow cooker sauces. 7 varieties are available which have been very popular during the winter months.

Most of the Beerenberg products are gluten free and their website also provides details of any allergens that are present in the products.

Beerenberg retail products are available across South Australia in independent supermarkets and nationally in Coles, Woolworths and other boutique stores.


Beerenberg Buffet Jars

In March 2009 Beerenberg re-launched its website with a new feature – the ‘Provenance Pathway’ – which enables its customers to trace the passage of their purchased product from ‘soil to shelf’. Customers can enter the barcode from their Beerenberg jar to find out further information about the product including a map of where the main ingredients were grown, the date the product was made and even the name of the cook.[2]

The Beerenberg iconic labeling where each product is named for a family member or employee has become synonymous with the brand and its family feel. The core jam products have recently been restyled with labels that are signed by the cook and include the date of cooking and the source of ingredients.

A recent addition to Food Service the range are the large 600g buffet serving jars of product. Ten of the most popular products are available in this size including the iconic strawberry jam and caramelised onion.

Beerenberg have also launched a range of corporate gift options available all year round with competitive pricing on request.

Tourist attractions[edit]

The Beerenberg Farm is a "major tourist attraction"[7] amongst the breweries and wineries in the German-influenced Hahndorf region. Visitors can pick their own strawberries (from October to May), as well as visiting the on-site jam kitchen and farm shop. Kids will love having their photograph taken with their heads poking through the 'big strawberry'.

A Taste of Beerenberg Experience is a hosted small group event providing 90 minutes of tasting Beerenberg products and gourmet local produce, book through the website

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