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Beerescourt, Hamilton from the Waikato River.
Basic information
Local authorityHamilton, New Zealand
Electoral wardHamilton West
Date established1949
Population3108 (2006 Census)
NorthTe Rapa

Beerescourt is a suburb in western Hamilton, New Zealand. It is named after Capt. G. B. Beere, who was granted land in the military settlement at the conclusion of the New Zealand Land Wars. He set up a fort, and the area became known as Beere's Fort. The name was eventually changed to Beerescourt.[1]

The suburb became a part of Hamilton in 1949 with the 5th boundary extension.The suburb is centred on a low hill,the location of the original fort and lies between State Highway 1 and the Waikato river giving ready access to the CBD and the riverside walkway.The hill and the riverside area give good elevated views.There is a small local shopping centre as well as quick access to shops along Te Rapa Straight.

The Beerescourt area unit had a population of 3,189 in 2013.[2]

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Coordinates: 37°45′55″S 175°15′36″E / 37.7653°S 175.26°E / -37.7653; 175.26