Beersville, New Brunswick

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Beersville is a small community in Weldford Parish located 3.92 km SSE of Fords Mills and was named for John A. Beers (1860–1951) The community had a Post Office from 1900–1965 and in 1904 Beersville was a station on the Intercolonial Railway and a farming settlement with 1 post office, 1 store, 1 sawmill, 1 church and a population of 100. At one point it was a part of Emerson, at another, Emerson was a separate community but the place name was removed and the name is now honoured in the area by a road through Beersville called Emerson Road. Emerson was possibly named for Henry Robert Emerson (1853–1914), the Premier of New Brunswick from 1897–1900 and in 1904 Emerson was a farming settlement with 1 post office. Beersville is located on Route 465.

Beersville has a church (St. James Presbyterian Church), a local community center and was home of the local Fire Department for many years before moving to nearby Fords Mills. A monument was erected on the Irving family homestead adjacent to the St. James Presbyterian Church cemetery.


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Coordinates: 46°26′37″N 65°04′27″W / 46.443535°N 65.074167°W / 46.443535; -65.074167 (Beersville)