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Bees Bagla is a town of Bagh District, Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan. and it is in the middle of Pas Jhola , Pas Jhola has small small villages like banj, rati dhari, sanay bud, It is 25 km away from Bagh at North West and 8,000 feet above sea level. It is the central place of four sub villages, including Bhutti Sharif, Pass Jhola, Channat and Sokar.[citation needed]

history of Bees Bagla: Bees Bagla was discovered before the Pak-India war 1947. Muslim & Hindus were living together. But their customs and traditions were not same. Singhs don't accept some different traditions of Muslims such as when they eat meat of cows or buffaloes Muslims were beaten by Singhs. That time Muslims were in minority but they were stressed by Singhs and Hindus. Sikhs and Hindus were dominant on Muslim of Bees Bagla and surrounding areas like Cheher, Bohatti, Chanat, Sokar, Kuri etc.

when the war started brave people of Bees Bagla and surrounding villages, fought against Indian troops.They fought against Indian troop those who were coming from Tipper, Nanga Pir Mountain, Most of Bees Bagla's people became Ghazis at that time of war and they seriously injured in 1947. Some of them are as follows: 1. Qasim Khan (late) 2. Rangbaz khan (late) 3. Sher Baz Khan (late) 4. Hawaldar Suleman Khan, Mallot(late) 5. Sobidar Pool Sab (late) 6. Sobidar Ali Bahader (late) 7. shamsher khan (Ghulam Haider) 8. Hansa Khan (late) 9. Sher Ahmed Khan (late) 10. Mohabbat khan (from Bohotti) and many others from Chanat and nearby areas.

The majority of the people are Narma Rajpoots, and other tribes includes Sudhans, Syeds and Tezyal Rajpoots.[citation needed]

There is one High school Bees Bagla for boys and one middle school for girls Topian Pass Johla.[citation needed]

There is a Madarasa which was established in 1952 by Late Molana Abdul Ghani.

In Earthquake, October 8, 2005 almost 100% houses and business centers were completely devastated.[citation needed]

People of Bees Bagla are well educated and serving in different fields specially Arm Forces, Education and Medical profession. There are also large number of peoples working aboard mostly in Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar.

Weather condition remain mostly cool throughout the year and heavy snow fall in winter.