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Beetham Estate Garden is a neighbourhood in eastern Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago south of Laventille and northeast of Sea Lots elongated west to east between the Beetham Highway and the Eastern Main Road. Formally it is located in the area of Laventille in San Juan-Laventille, but it is administred by Port of Spain. Formerly, a slum called rat town, the community evolved as a residential area to some extent. The area still has squatters living in the vicinity. In 2008-9 the government built a four foot (1.2m) high wall around the 'gardens'. The official reason was to protect the residents from traffic noise, but some suggest it was rather to contain criminal activity within the Beetham gardens community.[1] There are plans by the Government to relocate the landfill to a site adjacent to its present location. The areas sewage and drainage it still yet very poor.


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Coordinates: 10°38′43″N 61°29′52″W / 10.64528°N 61.49778°W / 10.64528; -61.49778