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Gerhard Klopfer, with the Nazi rank of Befehlsleiter (Command Leader) in 1942

Befehlsleiter (Command Leader) was a Nazi Party political rank of Nazi Germany.


A Befehlsleiter was the highest possible party political rank achievable in the NSDAP. Only Gauleiter and Reichsleiter were higher. However, these titles were not within the Nazi Party's regular promotional pathway because these positions were only by direct appointment from Adolf Hitler.

Albert Speer, the Reich Ministry of Armaments and War Production, was promoted to Befehlsleiter in 1942 and Oberbefehlsleiter in 1944.


  1. Hauptbefehlsleiter - Head Command Leader
  2. Oberbefehlsleiter - Higher Command Leader
  3. Befehlsleiter - Command Leader



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