Beggars Bush, Dublin

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Western side of main square, Beggars Bush, Dublin

Beggars Bush (Irish: Tor an Bhacaigh) is the site of the former Beggars Bush Barracks on Haddington Road in the inner southern suburbs of Dublin, Ireland, as well the surrounding area and a nearby pub. The barracks were bordered to the east by Shelbourne Road, which used to be the western bank of the River Dodder. The locality is in the jurisdiction of Dublin City Council, is broadly considered to be part of Ballsbridge, and is in the postal district Dublin 4.


The site has been occupied by a pub since 1803.[1] It was also occupied by the Beggars Bush Barracks from 1827 until 1929 but is now the home of the Labour Relations Commission, the Geological Survey of Ireland, the Irish Labour History Society Museum[1] and the National Print Museum.[2]


  • Beggars Bush is mentioned in the song Whiskey on a Sunday, in the versions made popular by performers including The Irish Rovers and The Dubliners.
  • Flogging Molly lead singer and guitarist Dave King grew up in Beggars Bush, and the band recorded a song called "The Ol' Beggars Bush" on their album Swagger. Also on the album was the song "Life in Tenement Square" which is believed to reference the area.


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Coordinates: 53°20′11″N 6°14′07″W / 53.336371°N 6.235284°W / 53.336371; -6.235284