Begin to Breathe

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Begin To Breathe
Begin to Breathe.jpg
Studio album by Eru
Released September 5, 2005
Genre K-pop
Language Korean
Eru chronology
Begin To Breathe
Level II

Begin to Breathe is Eru's debut album, released in the fall of 2005 in South Korea. His first single off the album was a ballad titled "다시 태어나도" ("If I Was Reborn"). It also included the follow-up single "미안해" ("Sorry").

Track listing[edit]

  1. 다시 태어나도 ("If I Was Reborn")
  2. 미안해 ("Sorry")
  3. 숨은 추억 찾기 ("Finding Lost Memories")
  4. 어떡해 ("What Do I Do?")
  5. 말해요 ("Speak")
  6. 내가 닮은 사람 ("The Similar Person")
  7. 돌아갈 수 만 있다면 ("If I Could Go Back")
  8. Life
  9. 모르잖아요 ("You Don't Know")
  10. 영원 그 다음까지... ("Until Forever After")
  11. 내내 ("My My")

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