Beginnings (Honorverse)

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Beginnings (Honorverse).jpg
AuthorDavid Weber, Charles E. Gannon, Timothy Zahn, Joelle Presby.
Cover artistDavid Mattingly
CountryUnited States
GenreMilitary science fiction
PublisherBaen Books
Publication date
July 2013
Media typePrint (hardcover)
Preceded byHouse of Steel 

Beginnings[1] is the sixth volume in the Worlds of Honor series in the Honorverse. It was published by Baen Books on July 2, 2013.

The book includes five stories:

  • "By the Book" by Charles E. Gannon is a very atypical story because it is set in the solar system in our near future, more than 1200 years before any other story in the Honorverse.
  • "A Call to Arms" by Timothy Zahn, is set in the beginnings of the Kingdom of Manticore, with the only attack on it before Honor Harrington's epoch.
    This was later re-worked into a book of the same name, by David Weber & Timothy Zahn with Thomas Pope, published in September 2015 as the second of the Manticore Ascendant series.[2]
  • "Beauty and the Beast" by David Weber, with the difficult beginnings of the relationship between Honor's future parents on Beowulf.
  • "The Best Laid Plans" by David Weber, where the young Honor meets the treecat Laughs Brightly.
  • "Obligated Service" by Joelle Presby, where a young Grayson woman who joined the Navy by obligation to her family changes her views, her situation and the situation of those around her. This story develops the story begun in the "Grayson letters".[3]


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