Begovo Razdolje

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Begovo Razdolje (Croatian pronunciation: [bɛ̂ɡɔʋɔ rǎːzdɔːʎɛ]) is a village in Mrkopalj municipality, Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, Croatia. At 1,060 m (3,478 ft), it is the settlement with the highest elevation in Croatia.[1]

Begovo Razdolje has a population of 48 (as of 2011),[2] mostly elderly people.[3] The villagers, traditionally oriented towards forestry and hunting, are increasingly turning to livestock farming and tourism in recent decades.[3]


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Coordinates: 45°18′19″N 14°54′5″E / 45.30528°N 14.90139°E / 45.30528; 14.90139