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Tsam mask in a performance in Ulan-Ude (2011)

In Tibetan Buddhism Beg-tse (Beg tse; Baik-tse) or Jamsaran (Wylie: beg tse chen lcam sring "the Great Coat of Mail", a loanword from Mongolian begder "coat of mail") is a dharmapala and the lord of war, in origin a pre-Buddhist war god of the Mongols.[1]

Begtse has red skin and orange-red hair, two arms (as opposed to other Mahākālas, who have four or six), three blood-shot eyes and is wielding a sword. He wears a chainmail shirt, which gave rise to his name, Jamsaran. He wears a Mongolian helmet with a crown of five skulls.

Jamsaran is represented in Mongolian, and to a lesser extent Tibetan, Cham dance.[2]

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