Begunbari Kali Temple

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Begunbari Kali Temple
DistrictPurba Medinipur
DeitySashan Kali
FestivalsJyoisho Utsob
StateWest Bengal
Begunbari Kali Temple is located in West Bengal
Begunbari Kali Temple
Location in West Bengal
Geographic coordinates22°21′46″N 87°41′47″E / 22.3628642°N 87.696268°E / 22.3628642; 87.696268Coordinates: 22°21′46″N 87°41′47″E / 22.3628642°N 87.696268°E / 22.3628642; 87.696268
TypeBengal architecture

Begunbari Kali Temple is a popular Hindu temple located in Begunbari near Khirai railway station in Panskura block. It is situated on the western bank of the Kangsabati River, the presiding deity of the temple is Sashan Kali, an aspect of Goddress Kali.[1]


People of this area said that there were two brothers, Hinu and Dinu. They were from a very poor family. During that time, there were no treatment of Cholera, and once it broke out in that area. Hinu and Dinu were also infected by the dangerous disease. They prayed to the Goddess Kali that if the disease got healed, they would worship the Goddess. After fewdays, the two brothers became fully cured. But there was no affordability to make a temple or make arrangement for worship. The two brothers were from Bagdi community. Traditionally the Bagdi were hunters and gatherers They were also one of the most prominent warrior clans in old British India. During the British rule in India, many bands of Bagdis were involved in criminal activities and as a result, they were declared as criminal tribes by the British. In this case the two brothers Hinu and Dinu did the job by robbing. In this way they saved their ‘Manat’. Because of this, there are formal robbery practices now also before the worship. As the first worship was held in the field of ‘Begunbari’ (brinjle garden)(located in this area), it is called the Kali Puja of ‘Begunbari’. Now the entire village is called ‘Begunbari’ [2]


At present, a gorgeous temple looking alike Dakshineswar Kali Temple has been set up after the old temple was destroyed.


A fair is held around one month (Jyoisho Utsob) in the month of June. Fabulous mats of Sabang, cosmetic items, toys, food items, and household items were mainly sold here. Every year a huge crowd gather in the fair .