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Behavior Tech Computer Corp.
Public (TSEC 2341 [1])
Founded 1982
Headquarters Sijhih City, Taiwan
Products Keyboards, Mice, Optical Drives
Revenue Increase US$ 330 million (2006)
Number of employees
630 (2006)

Behavior Tech Computer (BTC) manufactures many computer accessories including keyboards, webcams and mouse devices; they used to manufacture optical drives but decided to leave the market and sold their Optical Division to Foxconn.

The company was founded in 1982, launching a capacitance keyboard the following year. International expansion followed rapidly:

  • 1986 BTC USA
  • 1988 BTC Korea
  • 1989 BTC Europe - a sales hub based in the Netherlands
  • 1991 BTC France
  • 1992 BTC Latin - based in Florida, USA
  • 1993 BTC Germany - with a focus on Germany and Eastern Europe[1]

The expansion has led to BTC being described by the Taiwanese Business Weekly magazine as the "third most internationalized" company in Thailand.[citation needed]

A BTC mouse

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