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Behbudi is located in Pakistan
Location in Pakistan
Coordinates: 33°55′32″N 72°31′44″E / 33.92556°N 72.52889°E / 33.92556; 72.52889
Country  Pakistan
Province Punjab
District Attock District
Elevation 1,030 ft (314 m)
Time zone PST (UTC+5)
 • Summer (DST) +6 (UTC)

Behbudi or Behboodi also known as Pabuto in Pukhto is a village in the Chachh region of Attock District, Northern Punjab, Pakistan. It is located close to the borders of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa.

The people who live here are Pashtuns also known as ethnic Afghans; all speak Pukhto/Pashto and follow the Pashtunwali code of conduct. The Ismail Khel, Tor Khel (Ahmadzai - Descendant of Suleiman Khel) The Shaykhan (شيخان) [suleimankhel=>ahmadzai=>torkhel=>shiekhan ], Sheikhan named because most of its members are religious scholars, and now the members of shaykhan live in pabuto and Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and uk, America .., Sadat Khel (Sayyid (Sadat)), Yusuf /Isap Khel (Yusufzai) and Babarkarzai (Babikar Khel) clans of the Pashtun tribes reside in Behboodi. The inhabitants of behbudi are Pakhtuns who originate from Afghanistan. The Pashtuns of Behboodi speak with the northern "kh" dialect of Pashto and belong to the Sarban branch of the Pashtun tribes.

Behbudi has religiously guarded its paskhto language since its founding when other villages around it have lost their mother tongue and now mainly speak Hinko. Behbudi is the only Village in its area to speak fluent and correct Northern Pukhto.

The city of Hazro lies about 3.8 km away, nearby villages are Malak Mala, Nartopa, Shinka. These villages have Pathans also living in them and speak languages such as Hindko.

Behbudi in fiction[edit]

Behbudi forms part of the setting of a novel Chain of Being by Shafqat Khan, published by Dewi Lewis Publishing, Stockport, UK. Although the novel cuts across times and space, Behbudi's name and description in the book points to the fact that the writer perhaps belongs to this village. They follow a strict set of rules.

Behbudi people are known to be hospitable and welcoming to refugees, they have carried out the pakhtun principle nanwatay since the founding of the village. Many other pakhtuns from Afghanistan and NWFP have settled here recently.

Behbudi people (Behboodians)[edit]

Behboodi has produced renowned religious scholars, political leaders, businesspersons, pehlawans and students.[citation needed]

Coordinates: 33°55′32″N 72°31′44″E / 33.92556°N 72.52889°E / 33.92556; 72.52889