Behind the Door/Sempre in bilico

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This article is about the Negazione vinyl. For the 1919 film, see Behind the Door (film).

Behind the Door/
Sempre in bilico
Behind the Door cover.jpg
EP by Negazione
Released 1989
Recorded April 1989
Genre Hardcore punk
Length 15 m (vinyl)
23 m (CD)
Label We Bite Records
Producer Theo Van Rock and Negazione
Negazione chronology
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Behind the Door/
Sempre in bilico
Wild Bunch: The Early Days

Behind the Door/Sempre in bilico is the sixth release for the Italian hardcore punk band Negazione.

It was released as a vinyl EP (called only Behind the Door) and as CD that also contained the Sempre in bilico single.


Track listing[edit]

  1. "Happiness Is Not for Heroes"
  2. "House of Thousand Lights"
  3. "S.U.N."
  4. "Sempre in bilico" (CD only)
  5. "La nostra vita" (CD only)
  6. "Behind the Door"

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