Behind the Mask (memoir)

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Behind the Mask
AuthorPatrick Treacy
PublishedSeptember 2015
PublisherLiberties Press, Dublin, Ireland
Pages352 pages

Behind the Mask is an autobiographical memoir written by Patrick Treacy, which describes his training as a doctor, his travels and work after qualification, and a period during which he provided medical treatment to Michael Jackson.[1]. In Ireland, he became his dermatologist treating conditions like his vitiligo and developed a deeper friendship with the singer.[2][3] Jackson and Treacy shared a common interest in HIV and Africa, and worked on humanitarian projects together. The Hans India in their review of the memoir stated 'Treacy has also defended Jackson in his book where he writes about Jackson's empathy towards children suffering from HIV in Rwanda and expressed his desire to do a concert from them'. [4] [5] [6]


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