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Behlani (بهلانى) is a historical village (Union Council) situated in Naushahro Feroze District of Sindh in Pakistan. It is located 1 km from Halani (National Highway). It has many nineteenth-century buildings, some of which still have their original architecture. It remains a source of conflict between Kalohars' & Mirs'. A nearby town Mehrabpur is named for one of the brave soldier of Kalhoras' army "Mir Mehrab Khan Jatoi". It is famous for poultry and fish farming and rope made by coconut fibre used for filtering underground water supplied across Pakistan.


The population of Behlani Union Council consists of around 20000 people. The composition of such population is devised between the , Malik, Sehta, Halepota, Mallah, Shaikh, Rajpar, Makai,Qureshi and a few other communities.


Saifal khan Mangrio,Abdul Majeed Halepoto,Haji Muhram Halepoto,Haji Khan Halepoto,Kalhora Village are situated in this Union Council

The main crops grow in the area are cotton, rice, sugar-cane, wheat & vegetables.

Though Behlani is a small village, it has many facilities e.g. BHU Behlani, Govt. High School for boys and girls, vocational school for girls, natural gas supply, telephone & internet.


Coordinates: 27°05′55.83″N 68°19′49.98″E / 27.0988417°N 68.3305500°E / 27.0988417; 68.3305500