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Behm Canal is a natural channel in the Alexander Archipelago, in the southeastern part of the U.S. state of Alaska.

About 108 miles (174 km) long, Behm Canal separates Revillagigedo Island from the mainland. From Clarence Strait Behm Canal extends north and northeast, through Behm Narrows and by the mouth of the Unuk River, then south to Revillagigedo Channel.[1]

Behm Canal was charted and named by George Vancouver in 1793, in honor of Magnus von Behm, who was the governor of Kamchatka in 1779 when Captain James Cook's ships, with Vancouver among the crew, arrived at Petropavlovsk shortly after Cook was killed in Hawaii. It was Behm who carried the news of Cook's death to Europe.[1][2]

Behm Canal is also the home to a United States Navy Submarine sound testing range. That is used to ensure U.S. Submarines are as quiet as they can be.

New Eddystone Rock is a craggy, much-photographed basalt island in Behm Canal.


Coordinates: 55°56′13″N 131°11′18″W / 55.93694°N 131.18833°W / 55.93694; -131.18833