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Behzad Behzadi (1927 in Astara, Iran – February 27, 2008 in United States) was an Iranian lawyer, Azerbaijani language author, and owner and manager-in-charge of the Azari quarterly magazine.

Behzadi's works include Persian Azerbaijani Dictionary, Azerbaijani Persian Dictionary, and articles on Azerbaijani orthography using the Arabic script.

Behzad Behzadi was an attorney by education, he spent most of the last few decades of his life devoted to the cultural advancement of his people. The majority of his many books have been dedicated to organizing and documenting the Azerbaijani language and culture. His dictionaries are filed with the United States Library of Congress[citation needed] and his literary work has established him as a cultural icon for the people of Azerbaijan and Iran[citation needed]. His latest endeavor met with great reception with the publication of a periodical magazine with cultural and educational material.

Financial success was never his main goal, yet he achieved it skillfully.[citation needed] He grew his company, the National Iranian Warehousing Company from a staff of 30 to 10,000 in 9 years.[citation needed] He traveled the world and spoke at numerous organizations, many of which he had helped organize.[citation needed] He was the founder of multiple companies[citation needed] and oversaw huge expansions of his companies' facilities.

Behzad was a fighter for human rights[citation needed] and a philanthropist in deed.[citation needed] He endured 2 years as a political prisoner in his early life.[citation needed]


Behzadi died in United States in 2008.