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"Beibei" redirects here. For the 2008 Beijing Olympics mascot, see Fuwa.
Government building in Beibei.
Government building in Beibei.
Beibei District in Chongqing
Beibei District in Chongqing
Country China
Region Chongqing
Time zone China Standard (UTC+8)
Area code(s) 023
Pedestrianised shopping street in central Beibei.
Statues in central Beibei.
The Haiyu Hotspring Hotel in central Beibei.

Beibei District (simplified Chinese: 北碚区; traditional Chinese: 北碚區; pinyin: Běibèi Qū) is a district in the Chongqing municipality, People's Republic of China.[1] A satellite town in the north of central Chongqing, Beibei got its name because of the huge rock that extends to the middle of Jialing River, and is known for its historical culture in the period of the Republic of China, beautiful sceneries, and clean streets. It covers around 755 square kilometers and has a population of about 0.65 millions (2004).[citation needed]

Location and geography[edit]

Beibei is located at the outer side of the Chongqing Metropolitan Area. It shares borders with Shapingba (south), Bishan (west), Hechuan (north), and Yubei (east), on the west bank of Jialing River.

Administrative divisions[edit]

Name Chinese (S) Hanyu Pinyin Population (2010)[2]
Tiansheng Subdistrict 天生街道 Tiānshēng Jiēdào 124,728
Chaoyang Subdistrict 朝阳街道 Cháoyáng Jiēdào 38,127
Beiwenquan Subdistrict 北温泉街道 Běiwēnquán Jiēdào 8,4847
Dongyang Subdistrict 东阳街道 Dōngyáng Jiēdào 40,143
Longfengqiao Subdistrict 龙凤桥街道 Lóngfèngqiáo Jiēdào 33,981
Xiema Town 歇马镇 Xiēmǎ Zhèn 60,933
Chengjiang Town 澄江镇 Chéngjiāng Zhèn 28,056
Caijiagang Town 蔡家岗镇 Càijiāgǎng Zhèn 35,564
Dongjiaxi Town 童家溪镇 Tóngjiāxī Zhèn 21,820
Tianfu Town 天府镇 Tiānfǔ Zhèn 30,980
Shijialiang Town 施家梁镇 Shījiāliáng Zhèn 8,773
Shuitu Town 水土镇 Shuǐtǔ Zhèn 44,551
Jingguan Town 静观镇 Jìngguān Zhèn 43,674
Liuyin Town 柳荫镇 Liǔyīn Zhèn 17,505
Fuxing Town 复兴镇 Fùxīng Zhèn 33,621
Sansheng Town 三圣镇 Sānshèng Zhèn 19,305
Jindaoxia Town 金刀峡镇 Jīndāoxiá Zhèn 13,752

Colleges and universities[edit]

High schools[edit]



Beibei is currently served by one metro lines operated by Chongqing Rail Transit:


Beibei is one of the three national industry bases for measuring instrument.[specify]


  • The North Spring (北温泉)
  • Jinyun Mountain (缙云山)
  • Golden Sword Gorge (金刀峡)
  • Three Gorges of Jialing River (嘉陵江小三峡)
  • Tomb of General Zhang Zizhong (抗日名将张自忠将军墓)
  • Former residences of Lao She and Liang Shih-Chiu (民国时期老舍旧居、梁实秋“雅舍”旧址)
  • Old campus of Fudan University during WW2 (抗战时期复旦大学旧址)


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