Beige (album)

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Beige Arrogant Worms.jpg
Studio album by The Arrogant Worms
Released February 2006
Genre Comedy
Label Arrogant Worms Records
The Arrogant Worms chronology

Beige is an album by the Canadian comedy music group, The Arrogant Worms. It was released in February 2006.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Pressure Washer"
  2. "Go To Sleep Little Leech"
  3. "Twins"
  4. "The Guy With Computer Know-How"
  5. "I.B.S."
  6. "Ezra Eats"
  7. "Security Guard"
  8. "The Ballad of Edna and Ida"
  9. "Mime Abduction"
  10. "Hernia Belt"
  11. "Canadaman"
  12. "Teenage Angst"
  13. "The Prescription Drug Song"
  14. "Dumb Guys"
  15. "Brian’s Balls"