Beijing–Nanning–Hanoi through train

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The train information board of Z5/6 train, reading "Hanoi (Gia Lâm)–Nanning–Beijing West"
The train information board of T5/6 train, reading "Dong Dang–Beijing West" (this board used to 10 December 2014)

The Beijing–Nanning–Hanoi through train (Chinese: 北京-南宁-河内国际列车) is an international railway service between Gia Lâm railway station (via Dong Dang railway station) in Vietnam and the Beijing West railway station in China, jointly operated by Nanning Railway Bureau of China's national rail service, with service provided by Nanning Passenger Service Department. The train runs to Beijing and Hanoi every three days.

The train runs along the Jingguang railway, followed by the Hengyang–Liuzhou Intercity Railway,[1] the Liuzhou–Nanning Intercity Railway, and the Xianggui railway. It crosses into Vietnam at Dongdang and completes its journey on the dual gauge Hanoi–Đồng Đăng railway. The total journey time is approximately 36 hours, and the train uses 25T class train carriages.[2]

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