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BeijingWest Industries
Native name
Industry Automotive
Founded 2009 (2009) in Beijing, China
Headquarters Beijing, China
Products Suspension and braking systems

BWI Group, also known as BeijingWest Industries, is a supplier of brake and suspension systems. The company acquired the Chassis Division of Delphi on November 1, 2009.[1] The brake and suspension business lines were purchased for approximately $100 million.[2] The company supplies to automotive, motorcycle, and specialty vehicle manufacturers.[3] BWI Group is an international supplier with manufacturing facilities located in China, Poland, United Kingdom, and Mexico. Their global headquarters is in Beijing, China.[4]


  • 1909: Dayton Engineering Laboratories Co.[5]
  • 1918: Delco Products[6]
  • 1923: Moraine Products and Inland
  • 1929: Delco Appliance Rochester
  • 1936: Delco Brake
  • 1969: Saginaw Manufacturing
  • 1991: Delco Chassis
  • 1995: Delphi Chassis Systems
  • 2009: Beijing West Industries


BWI Group's product history:

  • 1920s: began to manufacture shock absorbers.
  • 1930s: introduced their drum brake master cylinder
  • 1940s: the all-welded shock absorber was introduced
  • 1960s: the vacuum booster, disc brake and the air adjustable shock became part of the product line
  • 1970s: the brake corner, suspension strut, aluminum master cylinder, and cast iron knuckle added more to othe product offerings
  • 1980s: Innovative products were offered, such as: ABS (anti-lock braking system), strut modules, and selectable ride
  • 1990s: More innovations came in the 1990s with products like: ESC, Real Time Damping, Integrated Chassis, and Aluminum Knuckles. The de Carbon brand was also acquired during this time.
  • 2000s: MagneRide became one of the company's top brands and ABS applications for motorcycles were also introduced.


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