Beijing Bastards

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Beijing Bastards
Beijing Bastards.jpg
Directed byZhang Yuan
Written byCui Jian
Tang Danian
StarringCui Jian
Faye Yu
Bian Tianshuo
Wei Li
Wang Wenli
Wu Gang
Wu Lala
Music byCui Jian
Dou Wei
He Yong
CinematographyZhang Jian
Edited byFeng Shuangyuan
Release date
  • 1993 (1993)
Running time
88 minutes

Beijing Bastards (simplified Chinese: 北京杂种; traditional Chinese: 北京雜种; pinyin: Běijīng Zázhǒng) is a 1993 drama film by Sixth Generation director Zhang Yuan, and is one of the first independently produced Chinese films.[1]



  1. ^ World Film Locations: Beijing John Berra, Liu Yang - 2012- Page 26 "in the 1990s, China's rock music scene reached its peak with a list of famous singers and bands, of which Cui Jian and Dou Wei – arguably the celebrated forerunners of Chinese rock – were cast in Zhang Yuan's Beijing Bastards. This film is ."
  2. ^ Zhen Zhang The Urban Generation: Chinese Cinema and Society at the Turn of ... 2007- Page 268 "Cui is credited as co-producer and co-screenwriter of Beijing Bastards, in which he plays himself.10 The main character, the musician Karzi, is played by Li Wei (aka Xiao Wei), a self- described rock promoter who reappears as himself in ...
  3. ^ Cinemaya - Issues 58-62 -2003 Page 25 "Dazzling's main character is Wu Gang, a movie theatre usher played by the stocky actor Wu Lala, who appeared previously in Zhang Yuan's Beijing Bastards. He gives the film its title, because an eye disease has made it difficult for him to ..."

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